Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation

by Your Loss

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"Terrible songs about terrible people by terrible people for terrible people. Your Loss was formed in 2015 at the corner of No Care and No Talent Streets in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tim and Brian play in Elway, and Drew played in Chumped, which only bears mentioning because now more people will listen to the album. Miles hasn’t been in any bands you care about, which makes him the only punk guy in the band. Our only hope is that we’ll be one of those bands that everyone says is cool to listen to, but nobody really listens to. Y’know, like Chumped. If we are permitted one auxiliary hope though, it’s to use our moderate ability to play songs to get free drinks. Y’know, like Elway. We have no plans of ever touring anywhere near you. BYE."


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Anchorless Records New York

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Track Name: Theater Trash
I was born dead on arrival
It takes a tragedy to rival how I feel
I take the long way ‘round to prove there’s no rest from the self
Cause on my flights of fancy all my friends are complimentary

The more you know, the more it’s easy to believe

I’m from a past where there’s no future
I’m from a present where I just relive the past
I’m interesting and fun, a wilted iris in the sun
That never shines like I remembered when I was young.

The more you run, the more it’s difficult to leave
The more you run, the less you’re leaving

A life writ large on playbill covers is theater trash
Track Name: Binary Stars
Laying flat and flayed out on the comforter you gave me for my bed
Awake and dreaming of the things we'd do if we could start again
Wondering if our hearts can combine
Tethered as they are to our own time

Supine old affections knotted tightly like your body close to me
I thumb along the dogeared dusty pages of our future history
Bound between the ridges of your spine
Scalloped all like shovels in a line
Darling dig us out
I believe that you know how

I try to keep my head down and just climb
But my mind gets lost in space from time to time

We were binary stars
And it was only by your light that I got this far
The gravity sped through the dark
And moved us closer in and then pulled us apart
We've got light, we've got heat, we've got momentum
I've got the solemn hope that you'll come back around
Before we burn out

I love you always. Even when you stray.
Track Name: Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation
Darling what I dream I’ve had
Of a time where hearts could span across the 50 states or from half a world away
I woke to find my head was full
Of the thoughts so inevitable that it cheapens it to say what you know I want to say

Laying up for hours in conversation has never meant so much to me
With you it’s more like discovering a truth that for all my fucking life eluded me

If you can’t sleep tonight I’ve got nothing but time to sing you lullabies
If we stay up all night, then I am the lucky one
This and every time
Track Name: Carry The Weight
It’s three AM and there’s a glowing screen with written pieces of a puzzle I don’t want to complete
But I seek the pattern as if I wanted to read how you’ve kept the cross warm
Well, I hope you left a few nails for me

Because I don’t miss a chance to spout hyperbole; in that we are the same
The truest words that I could ever speak:
You were the best I ever had; you were the worst I ever had

Carry the weight if you’re able
Of all the lies you tell to yourself
You gotta carry the weight, I can’t take it
All the ways you’re bringing me down

If only I had learned to keep my fucking mouth shut, you’d have stayed
Then I could find out how you’d ruin it all the same
Track Name: Absolution
And the worst part is getting over how I can't get over you
But I find absolution in the damndest little corners of my brain
And I remember you're the same
Oh all the things we hide away

And the worst part is dreaming someday all my grief won't be in vain
And the weight of my delusion seems to crumble into dust these summer days
And I remember you're the same
Oh to throw my spite away

So come on, we've pretended we got all of the time in the world for too long

Between acceptance and desertion, could anything be more certain
Do we believe the words we say
Because you've been cross and I've been stupid, but are we so shallow rooted
That we can walk upright away
If you don't think so then just stay
Track Name: Ramekin
Truth be told, I don’t think about it much at all
I’ve heard the barrio is somewhere north of here I’ll probably never go
I’m not like you, so I’ll never have to

But don’t get me wrong, I can pretend to give a shit with the best of ‘em
And I could sympathize, but between cocktails and brunch, who’s got the time
I’m not like you, I know the truth

So I’ll sit and talk while you grasp at straws
With broken fingers
So don’t speak my name and I’ll do the same
Until it’s over

Truth be told, I can admit that some of it’s my fault
But you know how it goes, can’t bear my guilt much less the weight of the world
I’m not like you, so I’ll never have to
Track Name: Standard Candles
I was stuck at the bottom again with the wound I assumed wouldn’t mend
And like a high school kid, I wore it on my face
So I burned you up with the rest of the trash, but I can still feel the heat on my back
Every time you come around to drag it out again

Oh! You were a black hole overstuffed with the light you stole
Fat and full of the love you can’t give back
Oh! I was an asshole too fucking stupid to let it go
I overdose on the humanity you lack

Somehow, baby it’s quiet now
Not that I’d like to hear a word you’d have to say anyway
All that’s left in the shimmering black are standard candles that remeasure my past
Just flashing lights that caution me away
Track Name: Persian Bachelors
Maybe I could have been a writer, but I settled on this instead
But you know best of all how I’m always settling
Maybe I should have treaded lighter when I said the things I said
But I feel like spitting fire when you’re there for the listening

The low brass of trains rolling past
Reminds me of the things that never last
The sad joke of the promises you broke
Gets no laughs

Alright, I’m over it
You can keep your lies, your smoke and mirrors
Your clever guise that kept me here
The wasted years lived out in song
You’ll never realize what that cost
Oh well, it’s your fucking loss

Oh I want you to be happy, but I’m happy that I know you’re not
I could think on it forever, but I don’t give a fuck at all